FIRST Lego League

As of August 2018, our FLL teams for the 2018 INTO ORBIT season are full! We do maintain a wait list, but the teams are formed and working on their projects and missions so we are unlikely to accept any new FLL team members at this point in the season. If you would like information for future FLL seasons, please send email to

Littleton Robotics has designed FLL Power Up to provide an engaging summer program for FLL students that will help prepare them for the upcoming FLL competition season (INTO ORBIT). It is also a great way to get expose FLL students to the FRC program so they are excited to make the jump upon graduation from FLL.

The game is intended to be simple enough that robots can be built and programmed to play it in a 1 week-long session, or with once a week meetings for the duration of the summer.

FLL Power Up Summer Game 2018

FLL Power Up Mission Model Instructions

Littleton’s FIRST Lego League Teams

Littleton Robotics launched the middle school program, FIRST Lego League, in June 2017 for students ages 11-14 (6th-8th grade). In this program, students are tasked with building a fully autonomous robot to complete specific game missions, completing an in-depth research project on a topic related to the game theme, and demonstrating their team work abilities. Throughout the summer, the middle school students built robots to play the 2016 game, Animal Allies, and learned all about water and wastewater in preparation for the 2017 game, Hydrodynamics. They concluded the summer session by demoing their robots and projects at Boston’s Greenfest in City Hall Plaza.

 IMG_2039 IMG_1831      

Hydrodynamics launched on August 29th and the game is all about how we use and dispose of water. Our teams met 2-3 times per week during the season, and competed at 3 practice events, a qualifier competition event, and 2 of the teams competed at the Massachusetts West State Championship, Robonautica. This season our teams brought home 2 Programming awards, a 2nd Place Robot Performance award, and a 2nd Place Champions awards! Above all, however, our students learned about the engineering design process, mechanical design, programming, the human water cycle, and working together as a team.


Check out our FLL 2017 season wrap video.

Our FLL program will resume in summer 2018 with an offseason training program.

Starting a FIRST Lego League Program

Interested in starting your own FLL team or multi-team program? Head over to for more information, and check out our presentation on starting an FLL program.

How to Start an FLL Program

2017 FLL Business Plan – Littleton Robotics