FIRST Lego League

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

Littleton Robotics launched the middle school program, FIRST Lego League, in June 2017 for students ages 11-14 (6th-8th grade). In this program, students are tasked with building a fully autonomous robot to complete specific game missions, completing an in-depth research project on a topic related to the game theme, and demonstrating their team work abilities. Our teams participate in a summer program (June-August) and the competition season runs August-December. 

Our list for 2019 FLL is currently full. We are accepting students interested in joining our FLL teams for the 2019 season to a waitlist. Please fill out the form below to have your child added to the waitlist. 

FLL 2019 Waitlist Form

We are also accepting interested students to our list for 2020. Please fill out the form below to have your child added to the 2020 list. 

FLL 2020 Interest List

FIRST Lego League Jr. (FLL Jr.)

FLL Jr. is the FIRST program for 6-10 year olds. In this program, teams of up to 6 students participate in once a week meetings for 10-12 weeks, designing a programmable LEGO creation to solve specific problems. For example, in the most recent game, Mission Moon, students were tasked with designing a LEGO Moon Base that would allow humans to live on the moon! At the end of the season, teams create a poster to showcase what they have learned, and attend an Expo event to share their LEGO creation with the community.

If your child is interested in participating on an FLL Jr. team in the 2019 season, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch this spring (May-June) with additional information. Questions can be sent to

FLL Jr. Interest List 2019

Into Orbit FLL Season 2018

Our 3 FLL Teams recently completed the 2018 Into Orbit season! This year, the game was all about space. Teams were tasked with identifying and solving a problem astronauts face during long-term space exploration, as well as creating autonomous EV3 robots to play the Into Orbit game. Our teams attended 3 practice events before competing at the Upton Qualifier in November 2018. The teams did great at this event, bringing home the Programming Award, Gracious Professionalism Award, Elimination Tournament Winner Award and the Champions Award. Most of all, though, we learned a lot and had fun along the way! All 3 teams qualified for the MA West State Championship, Robonautica, held at WPI in December 2018. Check out the 2018 recap video covering the season through the qualifier! 

Our teams had blast competing at Robonautica with our sister teams from Florence Sawyer School in Bolton! The Littleton teams brought home the 2nd Place Inspiration Award and 2 Judges Awards. The Bolton teams brought home the Elimination Tournament Finalist Award and the 2nd Place Mechanical Design Award. It was a wonderful event all around. Check out our joint wrap video of the event below! 

FLL PowerUP Game

Littleton Robotics has designed FLL Power UP to provide an engaging summer program for FLL students that will help prepare them for the upcoming FLL competition season (INTO ORBIT). It is also a great way to get expose FLL students to the FRC program so they are excited to make the jump upon graduation from FLL.

The game is intended to be simple enough that robots can be built and programmed to play it in a 1 week-long session, or with once a week meetings for the duration of the summer. Click on the image below to go to the FLL PowerUP Google Drive folder with the game manual, mission model building instructions, and images of the field. 

FLL PowerUP Google Drive Folder

Check out our summer 2018 wrap video of our teams playing FLL PowerUP!

Hydrodynamics FLL Season 2017

Hydrodynamics launched in August 2017, and the game was all about how we use and dispose of water. Our teams met 2-3 times per week during the season, and competed at 3 practice events, a qualifier competition event, and 2 of the teams competed at the Massachusetts West State Championship, Robonautica. This season our teams brought home 2 Programming awards, a 2nd Place Robot Performance award, and a 2nd Place Champions awards! Above all, however, our students learned about the engineering design process, mechanical design, programming, the human water cycle, and working together as a team.

Check out our FLL 2017 season wrap video.

Starting a FIRST Lego League & FIRST Lego League Jr. Team

Interested in starting your own FLL team or FLL Jr. Team?  Check out our presentations on starting FLL & FLL Jr. Teams!