Littleton robotics team gears up – Lowell Sun – By Chris Lisinski

Littleton robotics team gears up – Lowell Sun – By Chris Lisinski

“Physics says this isn’t going to happen.” The group of students huddled around a test robot they built during the summer, a square measuring roughly three feet by three feet with rows of wheels on two of the sides. They looked in at the complex network of wires and circuitry and then up at Zac Temple, 21, one of their mentors. Their attempt to use the test robot’s wheels to launch a ball had not gone quite as planned. “Well, we failed,” Temple said. “Let’s eat!” the group’s other mentor, 21-year-old Deanna Clark, chimed in almost immediately.


FIRST Robotics team forms in Littleton – Littleton Independent

Mechanical Advantage, a new FIRST Robotics Competition team, formed at Littleton High School. The goal of the student-led group is to build a FIRST approved robot that will compete in the 2017 FIRST competition. This is a coed team for students in grades 9-12 interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields such as engineering, robotics and coding, as well as students interested in photography, graphic design, video production, writing blogs and articles, social media promotion and finances.

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