“How To” Guides

Littleton Robotics has put together several “How To” guides based on requests from other FRC teams for help and tips on achieving some of their goals. These guides are publicly available to anyone in the FIRST community to download and use.

How to Start an FLL Program: This guide goes through the process for establishing and running one or more FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams.

How to Start an FLL Jr. Team: This guide goes through the process of starting an FLL Jr. Team, what the season looks like, as well as estimated costs of the program.

FLL to FRC Transition Program How-To Guide: This guide goes through our FLL to FRC Transition Program and how to set up a similar program on your FRC team.

Be Present – Team Wellness Guide: Robotics events are a ton of fun, but can also be very stressful at times. We developed this guide to help team members find easy ways to relax and bring their minds back to the present during stressful situations.

5-Minute Relaxation Tip Cards: We all know there is never enough time in FRC, so we developed easy 5-minute relaxation tips you can try to recharge during robotics meetings or events.

FTC Versus FRC Decision Guide: This guide helps new organizations evaluate both the FTC and FTC programs to help them pick the right FIRST program for them. By evaluating resources during the start-up phase, we aim to ensure news teams are sustainable for years to come.

Establishing a 501(c)3 for FRC Teams: This guide goes through the basic advantages and steps to establish an official non-profit organization for FRC teams, including relevant information about forms, finances, and insurance.

Achieving FRC Team Sustainability: This guide covers methods and tips for FRC team sustainability and growth to ensure teams can continue to function for years to come.

Cub Scouts Robotics Elective: This presentation can be used to run a robotics elective for a cub scout troop. It includes a presentation on robotics as well as activities the cub scouts will need to complete as part of the elective.

Robotics Girl Scouts Badge Event Guide: Detailed guide to running a Girl Scouts Robotics Badge event to help troops earn the three new robotics Girl Scouts badges. Includes all flyers, worksheets, and presentation materials.

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