2021 Chairman's Video


The 2021 season didn’t look like anything we expected a year ago, but we’re thrilled we were able to compete at all. We put together this video to show how we were able to adapt and adjust to continuing our mission despite the pandemic.


This is the official game animation for the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition game, INFINITE RECHARGE, which is part of the Infinite Recharge @ Home competition for 2021.

FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm

Through the FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm, students in FTC and FRC will explore what it means to be an innovator and find solutions to society’s greatest challenges that impact the world for generations to come. This is part of the 2021 @ Home challenges for the 2021 season.

FRC 6328 2019-2020 Season Recap

Although the 2020 competition season was cut short, we are grateful to have been able to compete at the Northern CT District. This video celebrates all we were able to do during the 2019 offseason and shortened 2020 season. As always, huge thanks to our sponsors, mentors and parents for making our team possible!

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